Mentors Consult provides you with customized training and development tools for you and your organization. We are invested in inspiring growth mindsets across the globe. We offer customized needs analysis; training & development programs; & team building activities.


To inspire healthier communities through training and development programs and encourage a growth mindset. Provide personal and professional growth solutions to employers & employees committed to making a change in their lives. Facilitate an ongoing learning platform to ensure best practice and to maximize potential. 


Our vision is to inspire and nurture growth mindset communities across the globe! 


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Azmina Ahamed 


Azmina is a Business and Strategy Coach. She is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals wanting to start a business that they are passionate about. With her extensive background in sales and marketing she understands the corporate culture and the desire to balance your work life and finding meaning in what you love to do.

Azmina recognizes that in order to lead your external world your personal life and internal have to be synced.Her desire to create opportunities in business and work comes from being fully aligned with her work life balance, and being in Solution to achieve potential in your life.


She is a Master NLP Coach, Quantum Change Process TM, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Reiki Master, and Soul Genesis mentor. Using all the  tools and processes her mission is to maintain your life goals and be in “solution” so that you are able to live up to your unlimited potential in your life.

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Tahira Bharmal ​

Tahira Bharmal is a Canadian, born in Kenya with South Asian heritage. She is the Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer with Mentors Consult, a training & development agency inspiring growth mindset communities. She specifically works with leadership teams on: diversity inclusion; leading with authenticity; overcoming personal limiting beliefs & fears to be stronger, empowered leaders; &  leading without bias. 


Tahira is a Certified Coach Practitioner and Certified Group Coach.  She graduated from the University of Ottawa with BA Honours (Cum Laude) in Mass Communication. She also has a Diploma with Distinction from the London School of Journalism in Journalism & News Writing. 


She has been a part of the corporate world for 10 years, with experience in Business Development & Marketing. Tahira is an advocate for positive change in gender issues, parenting, education, and personal growth.