• Tahira Bharmal

A Time to learn and implement!

It has been a minute!! The past few months of this year have been something - haven't they!!

I know I am tired of just thinking about it. On a personal level it has definitely been challenging, but there have been some really great moments and learnings.

From a business point of view - it has definitely been a learning and growing experience. I have to confess the first few weeks were filled with uncertainty and high levels of anxiety. It was a true test of us practicing our core values here at Mentors Consult.

We took the time to be quiet and observe the situation and we focused on all the things we have to be grateful for. The noise around us in the online world seemed to increase almost 100fold overnight and we just needed to buckle down and take a moment.

We had to practice our growth mindsets and practice what we preach more so than ever.

The chaos doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon and we are on what seems like a rollercoaster ride with no end in sight. (Please note - I do NOT like rollercoasters!!). This though is life and we have to learn to roll with it and make it optimum as much as we can.

These times have reinforced our mission and vision - investment in human capital is key and imperative. For us to function as businesses and in society at our best - we need to invest in ourselves and grow ourselves.

I do not need to re-hash the mental health impact of our global situation, we are all very well aware of it. What I do want to highlight is that - this time is IMPERATIVE to look after each other and to take time to invest in our betterment.

In this time of uncertainty, it is each organization's responsibility to invest in their people. Yes, we are going through financial hardships, but this is the time to nurture our teams and work alongside them. IF we invest in our people, they will be of a healthy mind body and spirit and will bring their best on the work front and be more productive and efficient and this will result in us getting through this financial hardship collectively. It also is the kind thing to do.

We have spent our last few months working with our clients and leaders in our circle to build healthy mindsets and recognize the changes that have occurred and the impacts. We have created The Game Changers Circle - that is a rountable of leaders who are change makers in their respective fields. These roundtable sessions have been spaces of learning and collectively discussing solutions for businesses that have been innovative.

Some key learnings from these discussions have been:

  • Our physical barriers have been blurred - so where we previously would leave work and come into the home, we would be in relax mode so to speak, now these physical boundaries are blurred and the impact on our mental health is significant. We have to work on implementing better work from home strategies that are conducive and increase productivity.

  • Acceptance to situations is key to being able to have a clarity to come up with solutions. If we stay in denial or resistance, we are unable have clarity and laser sharp focus.

  • Mindset is of absolute importance. Mindsets are on a continuum and you can go anywhere on there, but where you choose to stay is what impacts you and your business.

  • Communication has changed. Equipping your teams and yourselves to communicate effectively in the virtual world is important to:keep up productivity; decrease burnout; and maintain healthy mental health.

  • Navigating team work in virtual environments is different - the importance of team building in these trying times and times of virtual interaction are key.

All this impacts productivity and performance. Layoffs are happening, budgets are being cut. This is a time for leaders to make difficult choices. Our hopes are that leaders are being purposeful in their choices and are choosing to understand the importance of their human capital and continue to invest in them.

Because at the end of it, it won't matter if you do not have healthy human capital working for you - if they are not nurtured or growing, neither will your business!

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