• Tahira Bharmal

How your organization can stay connected in times of Social Distancing

We are living in times of uncertainty. Social distancing is the thing to do. With COVID19 spreading and measures being taken to keep the general population safe, a lot of organizations are asking their employees to work remotely.

In these times, it is easy to lose track of our teams and to feel completely disconnected. It can seem almost mechanical to just try and get the job done. It is in necessary in these times to keep the team morale up and connect with your team, whether you are a leader or not.

Here are some ways to keep employee engagement up and also go beyond what is required:

  • Check in with your employees every morning. Not just about tasks related to work! Check in with them to see how they are doing and how their families are doing.

  • Create an accountability group to help your team work remotely. Being in a home environment comes with its own pressures - help your team manage their time better and help them set clear goals and objectives for work, allowing them plenty time to spend some quality time with the family.

  • Make sure you keep sharing resources other than work related tips with your employees, so they have help to deal with other issues and can focus on work. Some examples include: managing kids at home, online grocery shopping links/discount codes, online training programs, etc

  • Offer online team building exercises to increase team morale and have your team be cohesive in these times of distancing.

  • Offer online help for mental health.

It is important to keep in mind, that these times may be more difficult for some than others. Anxiety levels are high, employees are unsure of where they stand. Empowered leaders are going beyond the job description and are adapting to these changing times.

We at Mentors Consult are here to help, so please get in touch with us, and let us discuss how we can keep your employees engaged, motivated, and inspired all whilst being safe.

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