Why Emotional Intelligence is Key in the Work place!

What’s the hype around emotional intelligence (EI)? Is that the new buzzword in the corporate the culture?Do people even know what skills sets to look for when they speak of EI? Is it something that can be taught?

To answer the most important question of all - YES EI CAN BE TAUGHT!!

The skills involved in emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Embracing the nuances of human emotion is a vital criteria in leadership in the workplace, the implementation of this concept can have pragmatic benefits, such as better collaboration among employees and a happier workplace.

For emotional intelligence to be effective, the key is to start with yourself. Once you understand your self you are better able to enhance other people’s wellbeing allowing them to push through their barriers to be more effective or what it is that is holding them back.

One of the main things that distinguishes a great leader from just a leader, is their level of emotional intelligence and it is those skills which help to develop a more effective workplace and team.

Leadership is about guiding your team to be their best so they can achieve the best!

EI not only enhances your personal life for growth but it creates a corporate culture that allows for all the diverse people that are working towards the same goals with the different personalities and life experiences to succeed.

Some key gains in learning, practicing and working on EI just with regards to productivity are:

  • Increased teamwork and better team dynamics. By understanding themselves better (self-awareness), employees know better how they function within a team and are able to set effective boundaries and understand more how they fit into the larger picture of things (business mission and vision).

  • Creates a better working environment. With self-regulation and self-awareness employees are more motivated to work positively. EI helps employees to be more flexible, adjust their expectations, manage their time more effectively and to better implement and complete projects on hand. It also increases your employees' ability to understand your clients and team members more.

  • More self-awareness allowing employees to know what healthy boundaries look like and to be attain a more “balanced” work/life balance, which keeps them happier in the long run. Inculcates compassion. Time management skills, allowing proper use of time to be more productive and complete projects. Increased motivation.

  • High job performance. Ability to understand clients and co-workers more, helps with executing effective sales strategies.

One of the major crisis companies are facing is employee retention. Leaders with high EI can bridge the gap by allowing their teams to express themselves creatively, with purpose and align overall vision/mission.

It is important to do an EI needs analysis for yourself and your team and to do it regularly!!

Mentors Consult offers training needs analysis' and also offers customized training programs specifically around emotional intelligence. Find out more here!

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